Aescher Cliff Hotel + Restaurant – Wasserauen, Switzerland

A great day trip if you are up for an adventure and a very unique experience, is to drive from Zurich to the Aescher Cliff Hotel and Restaurant. To begin the day, you take a cable car ride and then a short but wonderful hike – approximately 20 minutes – up to a unique cliff side restaurant with surprisingly simple but delicious food. I recommend doing this trip from Zurich, as the drive is about an hour and 15 minutes.


Catch a cable car ride with the Ebenalpbahn from Wasserauen, and make sure to wear hiking boots and bring a backpack for any items you want to carry with you.


The walk from Wasserauen offers incredible views, then you travel through a really deep and interesting cave and church, before you reach the restaurant which is built into the face of the cliff.


I don’t know if I would recommend this if you are afraid of heights, but it’s truly a unique and fun adventure. The cable-car takes you back down to the valley in just a few minutes.


The Alpstein region of Switzerland is so unique due to the transition of the rolling hills and humble landscape of Central Switzerland to the sharp contrast of the steep alpine scenery.


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